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About Island Oasis

Begin of 2012, a friend found this grid and we joined and visited with the intention to get an impression. It was a small world with friendly members. We started renting land from another member but soon we decided to get our own Homestead sim for only 30 US$ monthly.  Each of us had 1/2 sim and enough prims to play with.

Long time I used Island Oasis to re-organize my PC backups. I uploaded my items and started to re-backup to my PC but this time in categories. This was a good decision. Now when I open a store in a new grid, I know all my products are saved well sorted in the Island Oasis backup. Specially after I saw that these backup had a good quality, meaning that I had no missing textures or bugged items, when I restored in another grid. Besides that Island Oasis is a very stable grid.

My friend left to care of real life and I had to move to a Premium Region which cost me 15 US$ monthly. In the meantime I have upgraded to a Homestead with 20.000 prims for 30 US$ monthly.

These prices make it affordable to have an own sim where I can build in peace and then set in my store in Island Oasis or export to another grid.

Island Oasis offers some neat things which I love. One is that I can restart my region from my web account. Also that I can make backups of my region. So in case I mess my store up or in case that an accident happens and I lose content, I can log into my web account and restore my sim to the prior version.  I have gotten used to make such backup when I have set new products in my store, that way I know I have all safe.

They offer also a Marketplace. Unfortunately I don’t have much spare time to make the listings for all my products, but some you can find there.http://marketplace.islandoasis.biz/

Usually I spend most of my virtual time in Island Oasis, creating new  items (I love that I can upload for free and test how my textures will look on my items and then delete those I don’t need). If Virtual DJ Radio from Tommy Seetan has a live DJ, I listen to his music while working in my region.

They offer also a free store in one of the welcome regions. I’ve had one since I joined. Members can also receive a 4096 sqm parcel for free with 280 prims. One has to click on the rental boxes 1x weekly to keep those free spaces.

Once a month there is a Community Meeting at 2 different times to make it possible for us in Europe to attend. This is very nice of the owners because for this 2nd meeting, they have to repeat all the stuff again, but also stand up very early in their morning to be with us, as they live in USA.

Here some information for you, in case you’d like to visit Island Oasis and take a look to my store in the IDdesigns region.

IO as we call Island Oasis runs on Opensim Software version 0.7.4 with a x-engine. Means some lsl scripts do not work here, but all os scripts do. The own grid currency is called P$ which is 1 US$ it’s 300 P$. Creating a Group and advertising with a Classified it’s free.  Connections with Second Inventory work well.

There are often ‘Building Contest’ where the participants can win around 5.000 P$.  Once a month there is a Live Performer at the IO stage or Club. There are two Art Galleries, as well as a Newspaper run by members.

Here is the link to register an account at Island Oasis: http://islandoasis.biz/
Newest about IO is posted on this page:

Below some photos of my region in Island Oasis.new main store+mall view

IO main store_003 MIG Mall view2 prefabs view


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