Newcomer in Opensim? How to start

This How To is for the ones who already know about virtual worlds. Who are new to Opensim coming from a closed world like Second Life or Inworldz.

Opensim is a free source software and the platform used to create opensim virtual worlds. We call them Grids.  There were over 200 public grids in 2015. There are many more that are used either privately or behind an intranet from a company or a campus. Good information about Opensim and the Hypergrid can be found here: Hypergrid Business and this Blog. Use search to find helpful pages about the Hypergrid: Virtual Outworlding.

Hypergrid is called the sum of all worlds (grids) connected through the Hypergrid Protocol. That makes it possible to visit any hypergrid enable grid without needing to create an account in each of them.Even better, without needing to fix your avatar in each grid. All you are wearing comes with you.

So you would want to visit all those worlds (grids). Recommended viewers are Singularity Viewer, Firestorm and Kokua. These viewer have already a list of opensim grids listed. To enter Opensim, you need to register an account in an open grid like OsGrid or Metropolis Metaversum

Start the viewer. From the drop down menu find either OsGrid or Metropolis and log in with the registered avatar. And…  you will be Ruth, the newbie again. Don’t worry. Uploads of textures or even meshes are free in Opensim. And there are many places offering free items.

If you picked the OsGrid as your start point, you will probably meet some members hanging at the Welcome sim whom you can ask where to go to fix your avatar. If there is none there, open the world map and search for Wright Plaza. Search for Sandbox in the map to find one of the many sandboxes. Be patient. It is your first visit. Everything around you must be loaded to your PC.

In Metropolis Welcome look for the board saying “Teleport System” You walk through the transparent prim to teleport to the destination. They are called Gates in Opensim. One teleports you to Freebies and the other to the Sandbox. Metropolis is a German world, but most members speak English or wear a translator.

You can find many more resources, once you have a bit more of experience with teleporting to other worlds (grids). We call it to Hyperteleport or to Hypertravel.

How to find the Hypergrid Welcome Center
where you will find tutorials and help to understand how to use the Hypergrid:

Being loged in the OsGrid or Metropolis, open the World Map. In Search (right side) copy and paste this adress:

And click on Search. The destination appears on the Map. Now click on Teleport.

hg arcana1

Welcome to the Hypergrid Welcome Center. Join the group, if you would want to set your Home position on Arcana. This will help you to return to Home, when you were visiting another grid and want to go back. If I am not connected, you can send me an offline message, which I will answer very quick, latest in the next 24 hours. You are welcome to hang out in there, listen to the music, learn how to use the Hypergrid and collect the Landmarks to destinations where you can find other supplies.


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