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Hypergrid Welcome Center

Introducing the Hypergrid Welcome Center
– Calling creators for help –
HG: arcana.hopto.org:9021

+Tom Frost great idea, when he created the G+ community bit.ly/HG_welcome_center motivated me to go ahead and create a region dedicated to this purpose. His experiences as a Hypergrid Newbie, were similar to mine. When I started to hypergrid in April it took me many weeks to understand how it works. As a creator I had the resources to fix my avatar, but most coming from SL or closed grids don’t have this possibility. In collaboration with Tom’s community, I want to help to make the transition of Newcomers easier.

Tutorial boards are done. They start with explaining what are grid, oar, metaverse, how to hyper-travel etc through boards with links to webpages, to blogs or Chic’s video tutorial. Added also linked boards to G+ communities like Opensim Virtual, Hypergrid Destinations and many others.

Also started to package Landmark Tours to freebies, to interesting places to explore, to art and education etc. Thanks to +Maria Korolov for the suggestion.

There is a Meeting Point as Hangout area and a Sandbox.  Who joins the group can set his Home position to the group land until they decide where to get a region or own land.

Owners of free land
are welcome to pass me a folder containing a picture, a notecard with  info, the HG adress and a landmark of their grid and whom newcomers can contact to get free land. I will post a board with such offers.

Commercial grids
are also welcome to post an advertising board for their regions for a payment of 1 usd monthly. Contact me by interest.

Call for start resources
Asking creators to please support this project. Specially creators of male and female skins, shapes, clothes everything a Newcomer needs to fix his starter avatar until they know enough to go out and hunt for what they need.
Please only own made resources or made out of CC0 material.  Include a notecard inside the content with your TOS. The creator decides about which permissions to give to the donated starter supplies. You can rez your donations in the HG store adding a Landmark to your home grid or to your products in the Kitely Marketplace.

please support the project. You can use any of the pictures in this post and the logo.

Thanks in advance to the donnors and supporters.

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