Diva USB from Scratch

Read the first part of this tutorial before you start with this.

Running diva-opensim with Mowes is meant to be for a standalone with a few users. I’ve found out that with Mowes it is not possible to administrate the mysql database. It simply let’s us run Diva without needing to use a full installation of MYSQL in our PC. So for as long as Mowes does the job to run Diva, it makes it easier for user like me, who are not technical experienced. If you would want to have more control over your database, you could google or search in Youtube for tutorials explaining how to run Opensim using databases like MariaDB, EasyPHP or phpMyAdmin.

Let’s start with Part II

Link to download Diva + mowes zip file

  1. Download the zip file containing Mowes and Diva
  2. Create a new folder with a name and a place of your choice e.g.
    C:/diva hg + mowes or D:/diva hg + mowes.
    Or use a USB Stick or an external hard drive
  3. Unzip the file into the new folder (unzip to here)
  4. Now double click mowes. exe and install apache, mysql and php5. Leave the mowes window open on your desktop
  5. arrow #1
    Open windows explorer and navigate to the folder diva hg + mowes/mysql/bin
    Picture arrow #1 = Highlight the bin folder with the mouse. Do not open it
  6. arrow #2
    Click File (Datei) on top of windows explorer. The Menu will expand. Look for:
  7. arrow #3
    Open Command Prompt Here as administrator. The prompt window opens: arrow #4

prompt as admin
Now you will copy and paste the text, line by line on the command prompt window, as explained in the picture below:

prompt copy+paste

The prompt window is open and you can start copying/pasting the lines below to configure the mysql database for opensim. As explained in Diva Canto’s instructions.

mysql -u root -p -h localhost
mysql password Enter password: nothing in here, just hit enter
create database opensim; just hit enter (a database with the name opensim will be created)
create user opensim identified by ‘opensimpass’; leave it as opensimpass and hit enter
create user ’opensim’@’localhost’ identified by‘opensimpass’; hit enter
grant all on opensim.* to opensim; hit enter
grant all on opensim.* to ’opensim’@’localhost’; hit enter
FLUSH PRIVILEGES; hit enter (we are giving all privilegs to the user opensim)

You are done! Close the mysql console. Now let’s continue

Diva – Opensim Configuration
Navigate to Diva/bin folder and open it. Double click: Configure.exe. The console opens with some questions to configure your standalone.
Name of your world: The name of your choice in here
MySql database host: [localhost] enter
MySql database schema name: [opensim] enter
MySql database user account: [opensim] enter
MySql database password for that account: opensimpass (this is the password we used in the mysql configuration)
Your external domain name (preferred) or IP address: enter (we are going to change this later)
This installation is going to run on
[1] .NET/Windows
[2] *ix/Mono
Choose 1 or 2 [1]: 1

The next questions are for configuring Wifi, the web application where your users can register. The admin first + last name is you, the master avatar with all powers. Replace my examples with your own names and own password. Don’t forget this password.

Wifi Admin first name [Wifi]: Magic
Wifi Admin last name [Admin]: Tamer
Wifi Admin password [secret]: diva123
Wifi Admin email [admin@localhost]: enter
User account creation [o]pen or [c]ontrolled [c]: o
Wifi sends email notifications via gmail, by default.
Gmail user name [none]: enter
Gmail password [none]: enter
Your regions have been successfully configured.
Your World has been successfully configured

Diva reports what has been done
Your world is (the name you gave to your standalone)
Your loginuri is (we will change it later)
Your Wifi app is (we will change this later)
You admin account for Wifi is:
username: Magic Tamer (here will appear the name of your master avatar)
password:   diva123 (diva will show the password you gave)
Your world’s configuration is config-include/MyWorld.ini.
Please revise it.
Hit enter to end the configuration
Close Mowes. First stop the servers. Then end the application.

Following changes must be made, you are almost there:

  • Go to the folder you made for diva + mowes/diva-r08210/bin/config-include. Inside is MyWorld.ini. Double click to open with your text Editor.
  • Search / Replace all with your dyndns adress. For example:
    HomeURI = “” would be
    HomeURI = “http://yourdyndns:9000”
  • Save the file
  • Go to the folder diva-r08210/bin/Regions. Inside is the Region.Config.ini
    Double click to open with your text editor. For now it shows only 1 region. You can create more regions once your installation is running without problems.
  • Change this line:
    ExternalHostName = “” with
    ExternalHostName = “yourdyndns”  without http and without port number
    Save the changes

Below are my MyWorld.ini and RegionConfig.ini as examples. Mine are different as yours. The examples should only help to see how the configuration looks like.

View MyWorld.ini and view Region.Config.ini

  • Go to the folder where you unpacked Diva & Mowes. Look for mowes.exe. Right click mowes.exe/create shortcut. Move the shortcut to your desktop
  • Now go to the /bin folder and look for Opensim.exe. Right click to create a shortcut and move it to your desktop
  • Double click the shortcut Mowes.exe to start it. Wait until the modules are loaded. The small window will show Apache is running and Mysql is running
  • Double click Opensim.exe to start diva. The black console appears. Diva starts to load modules and files. Wait until it is finished
  • Diva has found one region in your RegionConfig.ini and asks you now for a Estate name. Default is My Estate. You can press enter and accept that name or you type your own Estate Name
  • After Diva has done some work, it asks for the My Estate owner. This person will have “God Powers” The Estate owner has all privileges. You give in here your first and last name (the ones you inserted in the console before)
  • The console tells you that the region is online: Logins Enable

If you have already done Part I, you can continue below. If you have not read and done Part I, go back to it here. If you have not opened Firewall ports and have not configured your router to Loopback and forward the ports, you will probably get errors when trying to log in to your new world.

NOTE: Technical problems or technical questions, please post them in the G+ Community here. Questions about the Tutorial e.g. something is not clear and you got lost following it, you can comment telling me exactly what your problem is. Please give me 24 hrs to respond. WordPress will probably notify you when you received my answer. Thanks.

You have opened firewall ports and your router is configured, now start your preferred viewer.
Either the Firestorm viewer http://www.firestormviewer.org/downloads/
Singularity viewer http://www.singularityviewer.org/downloads
Kokus viewer: http://wiki.kokuaviewer.org/wiki/Kokua/Downloads
Your login url will be: http://yourdyndns:9000




4 comments on “Diva USB from Scratch

  1. Isis, I get to your mysql instructions, open mysql, and then I am completely lost.

    Can you make those instructions a bit clearer. Like:

    mysql> type your password, hit enter.


    You are the only one who has Win 10 instructions

    • Hello John,
      Thanks for your feedback. I had written “Return” in places where you should hit “Enter”. I have replaced the word return with enter and hope it is clearer now. You can instead to hit Enter give a password, but it has no use to password it, as there is no way to edit your mysql database, when running it with Mowes. I advice you to take the time to make screenshots of what you entered in the MySQL console window and what you answered on the Diva configuration’s console. Or to write down on a text pad page or physical page on your desk, what you did. It will pay out later, to have a kinda of documentation, where you can re-read what you did in case you have to start over because your first try did not work 🙂

      Also if something went wrong, is better to start from scratch with a new copy of Mowes and Diva. When posting in the G+ Community to ask for help, it is Useful to know that Opensim.exe will save the log to a file in the folder bin/OpenSim.log. You can copy and paste from the log in the G+ Community, so more experienced people than me can see what could have caused the problem.
      Let me know, if you find other steps not clear enough. Thank you John 🙂

  2. this is what I still see:
    (And I assume these are all still at the mysql prompt. If you are copying this from somewhere it would be nice to have it explained in more than over simplified steps.

    And Isis, I am not brand new to this, so please don’t explain steps I don’t need. I am specifically asking about the mysql section, that is the part that is very unclear and confusing)

    mysql -u root -p -h localhost
    mysql password Enter password: enter–here? enter password or make up one? is this located somewhere else?
    create database opensim; enter
    create user opensim identified by ‘opensimpass’; enter–and here what? explain this please.

    create user ’opensim’@’localhost’ identified by‘opensimpass’; enter
    grant all on opensim.* to opensim; enter
    grant all on opensim.* to ’opensim’@’localhost’; enter

    You are done! Close the mysql console. Now let’s continue

    • Well I am new to writing tutorials and also new in configuring Opensim using Mowes and Diva. Before I used, as many Standalone users, New World Studio and Simonastick. NWS was discontinued 2014 by Opensim version 0.7.3 and Simonastick is not being offered anymore.

      John, I have added now a link to Diva Canto’s instructions page. In the middle of the page, Diva explains in a less simplyfied way, how to configure the mysql opensim database. She includes these instructions also inside the DOCs folder in the Diva zip file. For me hers were too complicated. This tutorial is meant to be for users like me, who have no technical background and who are not very experienced with the Windows system.
      My good working Diva HG Standalone running in my PC now, I installed following this Tutorial: http://caroenparalelo.blogspot.com.es/2012/10/diva-distro-running-in-my-machine.html
      But I could not open the mysql prompt window as administrator using her method. I found the one I am using in my tutorial by searching for it many hours.
      I hope Diva’s installation of Mysql is clearer for you.

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