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Isis Ophelia in the DigiWorldz Grid

April 2015 I read about Digiworldz and that they have a promotional offer of a region with 15.000 prims for only 8 US$. I had to go over and take a look. Impressive Welcome area they have. Futuristic style with Gates to varios HG destinations. Very nice.

I had just landed, there appeared someone offering me help. He said he is a greeter. Very nice helpful person. Because the grid is hypergrid enable I can not open a store there (because of the licenses I have received on 3rd party material) but I then decided to order such super affordable region to use it to relax and socialize.

The next day I ordered the region Nile Goddess, paid with Paypal and in the next 15 minutes it was rezzed and waiting for me to teleport over. Super cool service. One can decide to make the region HG enable or not. I picked HG enable to use it as a portal to explore the Metaverse and to invite friends to come over using HG. I will post the HG uri as soon I got it.

So I have started to build my region, here 2 pictures of the begin.

Nile Goddess1

Nile Goddess2



One comment on “Isis Ophelia in the DigiWorldz Grid

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