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Diva Distro USB

Tutorial on how to install Diva USB as Standalone Hypergrid enable in your PC.

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Opening Party of Sirens Grotto in Digiworldz

Dont miss out! Upcoming  Sunday June 7th, 12 noon DWT (grid time)

Two great live performers for your entertainment.


12 noon Digiworldz Time, starting with the awesome live performer David Csizer.
1pm Digiworldz Time – The amazing live singer Rhiannon Yuhara.

Casual Wear or come as you are. Do not miss this fun party.

Jump into your real life leggings, or sport outfit and comfy socks.
A pot with fresh and warm coffee will be waiting for you.

Where: Sirens Grotto region in Club La Ola or ask Isis Ophelia for TP

Contact Isis Ophelia inworld for a teleport or more information,
hypergrid to the event at: login.digiworldz.com:8002:Sirens Grotto

opening party 800x800

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Highlights – Digiworldz showcases residents in Welcome

Digiworldz made available in their default Welcome region for each region owner a parcel of around 800 sqm & 285 prims to showcase our region (s). I have set on my plot a copy of an egyptian building, which is part of my Nile Goddess region and pictures with landmarks to teleport to my other 2 regions. This is a great idea and opportunity for us citizens to attract newcomers and visitors to teleport to our locations.

In Digiworldz since 33 days. And in this short time I have already met so many very welcoming and friendly members. I’m happy to have taken the decision to purchase a region in Digiworldz as my start point to travel the Metaverse. These last 33 days I have spent a lot of time inworldz chatting with members in the Digiworldz Community Chat, visiting interesting places and building my 3 regions.

One of them is Nile Goddess a place where visitors can explore, sit under the tents, listen to the sounds of the animals or turn off the sounds and enjoy the soft music. Magic Dreams, a region with residential parcels for 1.50 US$ per month. Future tenants can copy one of the freebie houses or set their own. Das land in the center is the social area, where they can meet neighbors, chill out with friends and watch videos. The last one (for now lol) it’s the Sirens Grotto offering Shops for rent in various sizes and prims. In the center Club La Ola.

nile goddess2

magic dreams park

Sirens Grotto Club & Mallt

I’m working now setting AAM All About Music. A non-profit project offering live performers, DJs+Djanes a platform where they can introduce themselves to the community but also to anyone hyper traveling to Digiworldz. In the Kiosk there will be the artist board with their biographies, their calenders and also send options to send them a message to their external email. Even more; Who is looking for a performer can watch and listen to videos of the singer.

This service will be free for the performers, for the Clubs or Venues and for anyone searching for artists or DJs. Besides the Kiosks (booths) will be market stalls offered for a small fee to merchants selling products related to music: instruments, club supplies etc.

Contact me, (avatar: Isis Ophelia) if you’d like to have one of the booths or Market Stalls.

You can visit these region straight from the welcome area at DigiWorldz

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Spending time in Digiworldz

The last 2 weeks have been great weeks. I received my second region plus the one I had won for having ordered the 400th region. A lot of work to get them set, but it has been a lot of fun too.

And today I am pleased to announce that I finally finished the work on the residential land in Digiworldz (digiworldz.com) on the region Magic Dreams. One was rented yesterday, 11 still available. 4096 meters 937 prims with ocean water for 90 D$ week (1.50 US$ month). Take a copy of one of the houses or set your own. In the middle is the Tenants Social Spot. You can change media and music and hang out with friends or neighbors watching TV. Reliable support, offline IMs go to my Gmail.

Join the Digiworldz Chat group if you’d like to get a feeling for the community before you rent. Here some views of the land

magic dreams hang out

MD rentals view2

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omg I won a region in Digiworldz

Mark Wiseman, co-owner of Digiworldz messaged me yesterday to tell me that I had won a region for ordering the 400 region in the grid. He said that the region with 15.000 prims it’s free for the next 10 years! He asked me where I want to have it placed. It took me a while until I realized he was not talking about the region I had just ordered but about one more region that I had won. At times I am slow lol

And in a few I was the proud owner of the free sim, in the grid where I started around 12 days ago, when I purchased the 1st region to use it as portal to hyperteleport to the Metaverse, without carrying my “work Inventory” with me, but with my own name. I have used Isis Ophelia since I started my virtual adventures in SL 2006 and somehow it has turned to be my real-virtual-me. I use it in all grids where I register or where I have opened my stores.

The region’s name is Sirens Grotto, which was the name of the 1st region I owned with 2 friends as I started in SL. I am thinking to divide it in parcels and rent each for around 2 dollars a month. That would pay for the other 2 regions. We will see. For now I have been working in my Nile Goddess region which it’s almost finished.

The hypergrid link to give it in the world map is:

login.digiworldz.com:8002:Nile Goddess

Everyone welcome to visit, to explore and spend some time relaxing in one of the tents or to copy the freebies others have so generously given me.

Or make your own account and grab one of the 100 sims still available for a low price of 8 US$ monthly (around 7.30 Euro).

It has been fun in Digiworldz. I’ve already met some very nice people. And some old friends have teleported to me from other HG enabled grids.

Digiworldz sim

Region Nile Goddess in Digiworldz

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Exploring the Metaverse – Digiworldz Grid

Since yesterday I have a new location (region) in the Digiworldz Grid. Read about it here https://isisophelia.wordpress.com/digiworldz/

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Olantica merging with Zandramas

Last week the Olantica citizen were invited to a Community Meeting by Dno Vale, the Olantica owner. He informed and explained to us all about the merging with the Zandramas grid. I like this new project,  And I appreciate how they are doing their best to make the transfer for us possible. Because of copyrights it is necessary that the original creator gives a written permission for the transfer.

IDdesigns is giving transfer permissions on purchased products

If you purchased in the past products in my Olantica main store, I have given Dno Vale a written permission allowing my customers to transfer those purchased items to Zandramas. Would you want to take my products with you? Please read the information given from Olantica on this page:


I hope, that I will see many of you who I met in Olantica again in Zandramas. I am impressed how professional those guys are acting and how well they keep us informed either through the Support emails or direct inworld.

Zandramas is not open yet, but if you want to join the grid, go to https://zandramas.com/ on top left of the page you see Support. With that form you can submit a ticket letting them know that you want to be a member.

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