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January 2016 – Venues in Arcana

The Arcana Micro Grid has two venues. The Circus in Arcana North, near the river and besides the Port Arcana, a small medieval town. And The Pavilion in the main region Arcana, the home of the Hypergrid Welcome Center, a help and support center for new hypergrid members. Both regions are hypergrid enable. The grid is 24/7 open, with quick restarts of the region, now and then.

To teleport to Arcana paste this adress in the world map search field in your viewer:
or try this one

To teleport to Arcana North north
or use the teleport board at the landing point in Arcana.

Link to the Arcana Events Calendar it is still work in progress. More events will be coming, Live Djs and Live Performers, usually Thursdays every week. The calendar is configured with the opensim grid time. That is Los Angeles, Pacific Time.

You can find the events announcement from the drop down menu unter the Arcana Micro Grid menu.

arcana north3

The Circus

the pavilion3 AD 800x420

The Pavilion – comfortable sit areas

the pavilion2 AD 800x420

Performers Stage

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