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omg I won a region in Digiworldz

Mark Wiseman, co-owner of Digiworldz messaged me yesterday to tell me that I had won a region for ordering the 400 region in the grid. He said that the region with 15.000 prims it’s free for the next 10 years! He asked me where I want to have it placed. It took me a while until I realized he was not talking about the region I had just ordered but about one more region that I had won. At times I am slow lol

And in a few I was the proud owner of the free sim, in the grid where I started around 12 days ago, when I purchased the 1st region to use it as portal to hyperteleport to the Metaverse, without carrying my “work Inventory” with me, but with my own name. I have used Isis Ophelia since I started my virtual adventures in SL 2006 and somehow it has turned to be my real-virtual-me. I use it in all grids where I register or where I have opened my stores.

The region’s name is Sirens Grotto, which was the name of the 1st region I owned with 2 friends as I started in SL. I am thinking to divide it in parcels and rent each for around 2 dollars a month. That would pay for the other 2 regions. We will see. For now I have been working in my Nile Goddess region which it’s almost finished.

The hypergrid link to give it in the world map is:

login.digiworldz.com:8002:Nile Goddess

Everyone welcome to visit, to explore and spend some time relaxing in one of the tents or to copy the freebies others have so generously given me.

Or make your own account and grab one of the 100 sims still available for a low price of 8 US$ monthly (around 7.30 Euro).

It has been fun in Digiworldz. I’ve already met some very nice people. And some old friends have teleported to me from other HG enabled grids.

Digiworldz sim

Region Nile Goddess in Digiworldz


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