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Olantica merging with Zandramas

Last week the Olantica citizen were invited to a Community Meeting by Dno Vale, the Olantica owner. He informed and explained to us all about the merging with the Zandramas grid. I like this new project,  And I appreciate how they are doing their best to make the transfer for us possible. Because of copyrights it is necessary that the original creator gives a written permission for the transfer.

IDdesigns is giving transfer permissions on purchased products

If you purchased in the past products in my Olantica main store, I have given Dno Vale a written permission allowing my customers to transfer those purchased items to Zandramas. Would you want to take my products with you? Please read the information given from Olantica on this page:


I hope, that I will see many of you who I met in Olantica again in Zandramas. I am impressed how professional those guys are acting and how well they keep us informed either through the Support emails or direct inworld.

Zandramas is not open yet, but if you want to join the grid, go to https://zandramas.com/ on top left of the page you see Support. With that form you can submit a ticket letting them know that you want to be a member.


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