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Haven Grid setting my new store

Another designer had told me about this grid a while back now I am opening a store there. I have spent the last 2 days working a lot but enjoying it a lot too.  For now I have a region with 3750 prims. Not many, but enough to start with. Their sims come similar to SL with 15000 prims. My sim would be in SL a Homestead Region.  The owners are from the UK. And the members I’ve met lately were in Europe. This is neat as they are online, when I am (same time zone).

I received a free store with 50 prims and this week they announced free residential parcels for new members. 1024 meters with 234 prims. Anyone interested should talk to Cheryl Haven.

I like to start in new grids, they inspire me to build things I’ve never tried before. This time it’s a club that I have built for the first time.  If I can find a DJ, would love to have an opening party in the next days.

Here is the link to register and below some pictures of my new region. You are always welcome to visit 🙂



Region IDdesigns in Haven




La Ola Club on IDdesigns with view to the beautiful ocean

3_Haven dancing in cage

Me dancing in the cage “Fly Bird, Fly”

5_Prefabs in Haven

My Prefab Mall Stores C/M

4_Haven stores for rent


I have 8 stores for rent right besides my main store. 150 prims for 1 US$ per month.

6_Haven view to the sim


View to the region with La Ola Club. Look me up 🙂


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