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Olantica Grid & Customer Appreciation in Island Oasis

Today I have continued writing in my Blog and added information about The Lost World of Olantica (called Olantica) and also about the Customer Appreciation Bonus that Island Oasis is giving to sim owners.  Please go on top to the respectively tabs to read more.

I love to visit different grids. It’s exciting to see what they all have achieved and are doing to make their grid to be an ‘unique experience’ for their citizen.

I know some prefer ‘open grids’ , the more if they are Hypegrid enabled and if a sim owner can connect his region to the grid server. I think it’s great that we have gotten so many different choices. If I would use the Metaverse platforms to explore and relax and wouldn’t maintain stores, I would for sure visit more often such grids. But as a store owner I spend most of my virtual time in those grids, where I have a store.

It is already difficult enough to receive the permission of creators of full perms materials to allow to use their materials outside of SL. As I am not gifted with the talent of being able to create meshes, sculpts and to script I depend on them to bring new designs to opensim grids. At times I’m frustrated, specially in those days when most of them give me a “NO, NO outside of SL” I respect their decision and do not buy their products and search until I have found a similar product with the permission to export.

And I ask me in those “no, no” days, what those creators would do, if one day Second Life closes. Will they move to opensim grids and open their store there then? 🙂


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