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Reorganizing my blog

As I started to blog last year the only 3d world outside of Second Life I knew was Avination. Now at the begin of 2013 I have expanded my activities to other grids. The new year started with a new IDdesigns main store in Olantica, What Virtual World and Tundra 3D World.

This blog will be about all those grids where I have a presence with my store but also where I am more or less active. I’d like to write about their members, their projects and what I find while exploring those grids. It might be of interest for others who wander around like I do.

From the menu on top you can follow me and read about my personal experiences. IDdesigns is a link direct to my other blog where I will be posting new releases and in which stores you can buy them.

I hope you will find useful information and that it makes you curious to visit those worlds and meet their members and enjoy as much as I do the different communities. Some say “this world is another copy of SL” I can agree with this comment only partially. Yes, the software to run the platforms is derived from the Linden Lab grid, but each grid is special. Each grid has an “own personality” and social structure.  Most grids besides SL are small, so I enjoy making my virtual world wider being a member in various opensim worlds.


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