About Me

Update January 24, 2016
I closed all stores in 2014. A small store is still in Inworldz in the region Bad Lands. There are still IDdesigns products in Avination. Search for my profil. I use Isis Ophelia in all worlds. Main store is now only in Digiworldz and some exportable products in the Kitely Marketplace.

Owner of Arcana Micro Grid with the project Hypergrid Welcome Center and 2 venues: The Circus and The Pavilion.


From March 2006 until end of 2008 I was active in Second Life.  After a 2 years break I . found Avination, a similar world but much smaller.

Now at the begin of 2013 I have stores not only in Avination, but also in Inworldz, Island Oasis, Olantica merged with Zandramas (Sep. 2013) and Haven Your World.

On top you will find linked pages of those grids.

Find IDdesigns Stores here:

Avination: https://www.avination.com/
Inworldz: http://inworldz.com/
Kitely: http://www.kitely.com/
June 3, 2015: You can buy now exportable products from my Kitely Store.
This is the EULA applying to exportable products: http://bit.ly/1HOHfrk


6 comments on “About Me

  1. Hey-)) The Kitely Market is open and I purchased your Tundra Boots as my first purchase in it….left you a message inworld about it…hugsss

    • Thank you Mine for your comment and your purchase :))
      The Kitely Marketplace rocks! I have continued uploading more of my products. I brought also some gifts for the Kitely Community which can be found in my region IDdesigns

  2. I am solely in SL, tried InWorldz but found myself going back in time with the technology
    had not heard of the other virtual worlds, given time I will try one day to explore them. Meanwhile happy to have made the connection with another virtual designer, =^_^=

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